Friday, 25 February 2011

Half Term

This week is half term. I’d been dreading it to be totally honest. Keeping the kids amused from 3 o’clock until bedtime is enough of a chore, but nine whole days? There’s only two left and it’s been pretty good.

So incredibly proud of James this week. He’s gone from barely nibbling at food last week to nearly finishing meals. This is huge. There’s still a long way to go as the food he’s been having is pretty basic but he’s finding the adventure in mealtimes now so hopefully progress will continue.

London yesterday (visiting school friend) was fun. Queued for the Aquarium for about a week (perhaps on hour is a closer estimate) with James needing to pee the whole time. Made it eventually to a toilet with only minimum pant-wetness. Sophie and James both loved the fish though so queuing was worth it. Booking tickets in advance: not so much. Still had to wait in line with everyone else…

Three more sleeps! (",)