Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Last year I had the ridiculous idea that if I blogged about my writing it might actually help motivate me. Instead, the blog became something else to neglect and feel the occasional pang of guilt about. Midway through December I decided I was going to start over: a fresh start for the blog, for my writing, and for my general health (a basic ‘eat less crap; exercise more’ plan). Knowing my past record though, I’ve waited a while so my brain doesn’t register the whole thing as a New Year’s Resolution and give up at the first sign of a struggle. I’m even writing this on a Tuesday so there’s not even a ‘beginning of the week’ feel to any of it.

Anyway, this ‘new’ blog is basically just the old one with all last year’s moaning at my lack of motivation posts deleted. Best forgotten about. I’m not setting myself any targets, for any of my ‘resolutions’ (shhh – don’t say that word!). That might change later down the line; for now I want the whole thing to be relaxed and natural. I want to be able to sit online for an evening chatting on Facebook without worrying that I intended to write so many words that night. I’m bound to forget about the blog for a few weeks (or just have nothing to say – my life’s pretty monotonous a lot of the time). And I’m definitely not likely to stick to a diet and exercise regime – I love my chocolate-filled lazy evenings too much for that!

I will be posting my writing here as and when I feel something is ready (and worth reading). So far I’ve put up the only (in my opinion) decent short story that I have written in the last six months, Free-Fall: a 500-word quick-read. That and the prologue for ‘The Book’. It’s the only part I’m happy with at the minute, and that is liable to change at any time (so if it disappears you know why!).

That’s enough writing for this evening. Got a horrible earache and I’m sure there’s something on TV to keep me busy for the rest of the evening. I’ll be back: not sure when but hopefully this year I might get somewhere with at least one of my goals.

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