Tuesday, 4 October 2011

750 Words

I've just discovered a cool site called 750words.com

It does pretty much what it says on the tin.  You log in each day and write 750 words about anything. Could even just write the same word 750 times - not that I know for sure that it'll let you get away with that and I;m not intending on trying).  It's not for sharing, just a personal motivational tool.  You get points for reaching the daily target, points for exceeding it, points for successive days in a row...  It should help when I struggle to get motivated to write every day.  750 words takes no time at all.  If I force (maybe too strong a word: coerce?) myself to sit and do that each evening it's an easy target, I get points (I'm like a kid with a star chart - whoop!) and hopefully my brain will kick in and I'll log out of that and move onto something meatier...  And if not, at least I'm getting some of the pointless drivel out of my head every day.  Can't be bad!


  1. Y'know what helps me write? I've recently remembered...

    Reading other people's stuff. Good stuff that inspires and causes great bouts of envy and a little self-loathing that eventually kicks me in the butt to pour out what i have to offer and see where it lands.

    Sometimes it lands good, innit!


  2. Yea, I do find that reading inspires me to write, but I've been lacking in motivation to even read lately... Getting back on track though; slowly.